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Looking for engaged/married couples who need to relocate in the near future. They can be newlyweds or longer established couples who  need to make a major move in the next few months.

Reasons can be financial, emotional, career, family responsibilities, etc.. The location would preferably be a brand new place to live for at least one person.

In today’s world where going to college away from home, starting a career in the big city, meeting online, and traveling the globe are the norm, couples often find love with someone from a very different world than they’re used to. They say love knows no borders, but for some couples, life together begins with a border crossing.

In the modern world, with an open heart, you can fall in love with anyone from any location while they’ re in your own backyard… and sometimes that love sends you off to new lands and locations you never dreamed of before.

Does this sound like you or someone you know? Maybe it’s moving back to a spouses hometown or picking up and heading halfway around the world to be closer to family – whatever it is, we are looking for couples who are moving somewhere totally different from where they currently live. It could be Iowa or India, or Iowa TO India. If you or anyone you know is in this spot – please email us. We want to speak to you ASAP.

We are ONLY accepting submissions via email.
Please send us your story, photos, & contact info to:  realpeoplecastingnyc@gmail.com

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