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A beautiful life is a journey. Inspired is a celebration of that journey.

Our luxury brand is excited to pay tribute to amazing women and their stories by creating short films highlighting every unique journey- from the discovery and pursuit of a passion, to a life-changing experience, to a chance encounter…

The women we’re seeking may be CEO’s, cultural icons, humanitarians, or artists. They are passionate about making their mark, whether it is in the world of entertainment, fashion, beauty, athletics, philanthropy, or business. Most importantly, they inspire others because of who they are and how they live their lives. Our series will celebrate their extraordinary beauty and spirit.

We are not looking for endorsements; the essence of this content series is to honor the remarkable women who inspire us.


  • Women 20-50yrs old
  • Beautiful, intelligent, eloquent, successful women
  • Women with inspiring personal stories that show a journey of change and growth
  • Dynamic range of backgrounds & ethnicities
  • Established social media following a plus
  • Great hair a plus


We will produce five individual short films, each one focused on one exceptional woman. These films will live online and in partnership with other editorial outlets and social media platforms with a possible print component.


We will be filming over a period of 2-3 days between mid-April and mid-May. Participants will be compensated $15K (honorarium direct to them or charity of choice) for their time, usage of their story, and image.


 To submit, please complete the below form by March 27, 2014


Travel Casting is CLOSED

Thank you for checking out our page.  We have found what we were looking for – for our travel casting.  And now off to the next search!  Thanks.  See ya soon!!!

Travel Casting Campaign


We are casting for everyday people, for our new web campaign, who have posted (on Instagram or Twitter) about their desires to go somewhere awesome!

Why Me?  We searched Social Networks and found you posted that you wanted to go somewhere and we want to help you do that.  Please note: YOU MUST HAVE POSTED ABOUT WANTING TO GO ON A VACATION/TRY A COOL ACTIVITY TO BE ELIGIBLE!  It is only THAT specific dream vacation spot/ activity that we’ll consider making come true.

What is it?  Promotional films for our website.

What will you film?  We will fly you to the place you have been tweeting about AND do something cool & exciting once there.

When? 3 – 4 days between February 9th – 28th

Please NoteYou MUST be over 18 years old to be considered. And you MUST make yourself available for this in order to be considered.  These dates are non-negotiable & we cannot guarantee that we can travel over a weekend.

Is there pay?  Yes, participants in the shoot will be compensated.  The pay will be comparable to what professional (SAG/AFTRA) actors are paid for web films.

YES! I wanna do it! What do I do now? 

Fill out the form below


Email us at:

  • Include your Name, Age, Twitter Handle and/or Instagram name, Skype Name, Contact Number & a Recent Photo.
  • Please tell us a little bit more about yourself and why you want to go on that specific vacation.
  • Please also let us know if there are any dates between Feb 9 – 28th that you absolutely COULD NOT participate.
  • Please note, all participants must be 18 years or older.

What happens next?  We will review your email submission and, if interested, we’ll contact you to schedule a Skype interview.  The Skype interview can take anywhere from 5 – 15 minutes.  We will use this interview to get to know you better.  Please familiarize yourself with Skype beforehand and hardwire your computer if possible.

Thank you for checking out our page!  Looking forward to hearing from you!

 Casting Team

Elisabeth Jamison Casting


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Video Submission Instructions

Here  is what you need to know to have your video be considered:

Send us a video link of you  performing a Lady Gaga song to:

  • FOR THE E-Mail Submission:
    • Deadline: 24 hours! All submissions must be received by 7am EST Friday Oct 25th , 2013.
  • Here’s what to do:
  • Email Subject Line: Name/ Age/ Instrument
    • YOUR VIDEO: 
      • State Your:
        • Name
        • Age
        • Tell us something interesting about you!
    • Play a Lady Gaga Song
    • Videos should be no more than 2- 3  minutes long
  • Include in Email:
    • Name
    • Age
    • Instrument(s) You Play
    • How long you have been playing
    • Something interesting about you
    • Contact Info:
      • Name, Address, Phone Number, E-Mail Address
    • MUST INCLUDE:  If under 18 years old  -Parent’s Name and Contact Info:
      • Phone Number, E-Mail Address
    • IF CHOSEN: Must Be Available October 28 Thru November 3rd


My Grandmother’s Ravioli – SERIES

Calling Grandmas and Grandpas who are great home cooks!  Mo Rocca (CBS Sunday Morning, Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!) wants you to teach him your favorite and/or unique recipes.  

If you caught MY GRANDMOTHER’S RAVIOLI this winter on Cooking Channel, you know that Mo Rocca never had the opportunity to learn the secrets to his grandmother’s famous ravioli. In fact, he can’t really cook at all. This fall, he’ll remedy that with a whole season of the show.  And we’re on the lookout for grandparents to teach him a trick or two in the kitchen.

Do you think your grandmother or grandfather could teach Mo how to cook great food? We want to know!

We are looking for…

  • Grandmothers and Grandfathers
  • All ethnicities
  • 50 to 100 years old
  • Big personalities who cook wonderful food (professionals also welcome)
  • Real characters: warm, fun, outgoing, fiery, sweet or even curmudgeonly.
  • Interesting family histories and/or grandmotherly/grandfatherly advice.
  • Accents and English as a second language is not a problem.
  • New York Tri State Area preferred

Here’s how to apply:  Please email a recent photo and contact information (email, number, address) to

Include in the email why your grandparent would be good for the show. What is his or her specialty in the kitchen? How often does he or she cook for family and friends? Include his/her background in cooking, favorite dishes and any other anecdotes that speak to their culinary passion.

Production details below:

Non Union

1/2 hour episodes

Network: Cooking Channel

Producers:   Gideon Evans

Production Co: CBS Eye Productions

Casting:  EJ Casting

Casting : May – Aug

Shoots:  2 days (for each episode)  from June – late Oct

Location: New York Tri State Area (preferred)

Rate: $100 plus groceries  – complete buyout


 Looking for mobile APP USERS  for a documentary film project produced by slim-pictures.  We are looking for people who absolutely love their mobile apps (iPhone, iPad, etc) and can’t wait to tell us their story.  The project will focus on mobile app users and the meaningful way it has impacted their lives or the lives of loved ones: interesting & surprising stories are a plus!   Looking for male & female, all ages, ethnicities, types, personalities.  Whoever you are, if you love your mobile apps, we’d love to capture you on film talking about it. 

We are currently casting now and shooting in SAN FRANCISCO – APRIL 21st,

Seattle ….  Our shoot days are tentatively, w/o April  23rd.  The interview process will only take about 30 minutes to one hour of your time – total. 

If interested – Please send an email ASAP to:

Please include your a recent photo, your name, age, occupation, Your FAVORITE APP,  how & why you use it,  and contact information.

This is a really fun project and we look forward to hearing from you!

We have a very short turnaround – so please tell your friends!!!!!  Thanks.


EJ Casting


MCS Apparel

Print & Internet Films

Non Union


Production Co: Plethora Productions

Directors: Pierluca De Carlo & Ben Wolfinsohn

Agency: Kitchen Stories

Casting Director: EJ Casting

Casting: W/o Feb 27th/ March 5th

Shoot: In Denver, CO (and surrounding areas)  March 20 – 25

Fittings: March 17- 19th


Rate: $500/shoot day, $1000 buyout: one year worldwide all media




  1. Identical Twins: male, Caucasian, 20-50 years old
  2. Real Group of friends, Caucasian, 20 -50 years old, who share a passion… could be a sport, a foundation, a job, or something artistic.
  3. Real Group of people, Caucasian , 20-50 who share an interesting job… could be a family business, storm chasers, rangers, rescue service, something that has a rugged tough element preferably.


Please submit recent pictures, age,  contact information and your interest, job or passion.  If you are submitting for a group, please include their names & pics as well if possible.


Submit ASAP to:


This is last year’s campaign:


Amex commercial/ web series

Director: TBD

Prod Co:

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Casting Dir: EJ Casting

Casting: Dec 2011

Shoot: TBD

Usage: Internet/ National Network Commercial

Rate: SAG Scale


Looking for:

Men/Women/ Children, all ages, ethnicities, in USA.  Looking for amazing characters with incredible, strange, and interesting hobbies.  We want to know who you are and why you love to do what you do … maybe you are the BBQ kid, or an inventor or a taxidermist or tattoo artist …. Or maybe you have a sensational, unbelievable story to tell about an event in your life : an incredible adventure, etc.    We want to hear from you…

Please submit recent photo with contact information and tell us about yourself – your age, location, occupation and hobby.  Please include how you were drawn to this hobby and/or why you are so passionate about it.  If there is a funny or relevant story about this hobby and/or an event in your life, we’d love to hear it.

Submit to: