Alternative Marriage Web Series for Lifetime TV

A new web series for Lifetime Television exploring positive, non-traditional ways of experiencing marriage and committed relationships.

We are looking for women whose relationships fall outside of the stereotypical box – examples include open marriages, polyamorous (‘throuples’, ‘quadruples’ or any combo), group marriages, committed asexual relationships or perhaps a committed couple who simply choose to live apart.  We are very interested in any committed relationship that breaks free of traditional boundaries and can open our minds about what a marriage and relationship can be.

This series is not just about sex. It is about the evolution of committed relationships.

Casting for all ages, ethnicities. Must be willing to be interviewed and speak on camera (please note – not everyone in the arrangement needs to be filmed).

Please submit a short explanation as to why you think your current relationship(s) (and/or past ones) would be good for our series.

Feel free to include – what (if anything) wasn’t working for you in a traditional marriage paradigm and how your current relationship has changed your life/relationship with your partner(s). Please include photos and best contact information.

Email: Realpeoplecastingusa(AT)

Pay: $1000 buyout per story/episode

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