holding hands:hold on

Production Co: Fatking Films/ Academy Films 

Non Union

Casting Director: EJ Casting

Client : Financial institution

Shoot Dates: 1 day – Oct 3/4th

Rate $1200 total buyout inclusive of shoot and 1 year internet buyout

Looking for stories in LA, Miami, Chicago & Austin.

(open to other cities -if the story is right)

We are casting for a web film for a financial institution.

We are currently specifically exploring stories in the Hispanic Community.

If we gave you $2000 to help someone else or a group of people or community, who would you use it to help and why?

The idea is that ‘good things happen with money moves.’

We want to show someone paying it forward to a person or a group of people to create a positive enduring change. We will give an individual $2000 with the condition that that money can ONLY be used to do something good for someone else.

The money can be used to help one person or a group of people or even a community. But it can’t just be handed to someone else as cash, it can’t just be absorbed in an ongoing program, and it can’t be to pay off debt or bills.

It needs to be something new & special. Think of it as giving a gift the value of $2000.

Here is a small list of ideas that could work: It could be to facilitate a dream or help someone get an invention off the ground that could help the community at large. New equipment for a team or supplies for an new endeavor, a celebration or gift for someone who has helped the community.

Please submit ASAP to:

Include recent photos of you and possible recipients, contact information,  and a detailed explanation of why you are nominating them and specifically how the money would be used.



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