Are you a fan of AMC’s Mad Men?

If so, please send us a short video telling us why you love the show.  This is for a promo that will feature interviews with real life Mad Men enthusiasts.


  • Mad Men fans from all walks of life who are in or around the Los Angeles, CA area
  • Men and women ages 18-80
  • Pairs welcome (husbands & wives, friends, family members, etc.)

SHOOTING:  Los Angeles, CA – Must be LA local or willing to pay for your own travel to LA

WHEN: 1 day shoot, week of Oct 20th

RATE: $100 honorarium for your time during our shoot (we will only need a few hours!)


For your video, you may use the questions below as a guide.  Most importantly, we want to see your personality and hear any compelling, unique or funny remarks about the show.  Authenticity is important so remember to be natural and DO NOT give us a scripted response.

Please keep it under 90 seconds. If we have any follow-up questions, we will definitely ask!

Submissions should be in .mov or .m4v formats and no more than 100mb.  You can send via any delivery method: Email, Dropbox, WeTransfer, Vimeo, etc… as long as it is DOWNLOADABLE.


Again, this is a short form documentary featuring real people.  We are not looking for actors per se.  If you do sometimes work as an actor, please refrain from talking about your acting/entertaining career and focus on other aspects of your life.

All submissions shall automatically become the sole property of Boardwalk Pictures, and you agree by your submission that Boardwalk Pictures shall have all rights to exploit any part of your videos, without requirement of any further consents by you or any third party. We shall have no obligation to actually use any submissions.


(Please use as a guide. Mandatory questions noted with asterisk.)

*What is your name and age?

*Why do you love Mad Men?

How were you introduced to the show?  What keeps you coming back?

What is your favorite scene or episode from the series?

Who is your favorite character & why?

Who do you love to hate?

What was your favorite “OH NO… THEY DIDN’T JUST DO THAT” moment?

How do you usually watch Mad Men (with family, with friends, on your way to work, etc.)?

If there’s a particularly memorable viewing experience, please share!

*And most importantly… tell us why you will miss MAD MEN after this final season.

Please send submissions with your name, your location (city/state) and contact numbers to:


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