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Video Submission Instructions

Here  is what you need to know to have your video be considered:

Send us a video link of you  performing a Lady Gaga song to:

  • FOR THE E-Mail Submission:
    • Deadline: 24 hours! All submissions must be received by 7am EST Friday Oct 25th , 2013.
  • Here’s what to do:
  • Email Subject Line: Name/ Age/ Instrument
    • YOUR VIDEO: 
      • State Your:
        • Name
        • Age
        • Tell us something interesting about you!
    • Play a Lady Gaga Song
    • Videos should be no more than 2- 3  minutes long
  • Include in Email:
    • Name
    • Age
    • Instrument(s) You Play
    • How long you have been playing
    • Something interesting about you
    • Contact Info:
      • Name, Address, Phone Number, E-Mail Address
    • MUST INCLUDE:  If under 18 years old  -Parent’s Name and Contact Info:
      • Phone Number, E-Mail Address
    • IF CHOSEN: Must Be Available October 28 Thru November 3rd