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KPMG Web Film Casting!


Web film (only on KPMG website)

Non Union

Production Co: Wilder (London, UK)

Director: Tom Connolly

Casting Director: EJ Casting

Casting: June 10 -13th

Callbacks: June 20th or 21st

Shoot:  Wed June 22nd & Thurs June 23rd

Rate:  Kids $350, Adults $500 plus 10% – complete buyout

Please email us submissions at:

Include recent pictures, telephone number, email, what role(s) you are submitting for and whether you are submitting just yourself or you and your family, friends, etc


CHINESE BOYS:  8 yrs old, 1 hero, 2 friends.

Hero shows friends how to put together a Chinese puzzle

Group should have good energy together, and be a bit mischievous

This scene takes place in China, so please only submit Chinese  boys.

ITALIAN AMERICAN MEN: 3 generations of men.  6 adults, 1 boy – 12 year old.

Adults: Male, late 30’s – 90’s. Looking for dads, uncles, grandparents & their friends to play a game of darts.  This should feel like a real family. Looking for great faces, characters and incredibly energy and vibrance.   Very interested in casting real families and friends.


ITALIAN AMERICAN BOY:  12 year old, Caucasian, (Italian American,) attractive, likable, intelligent

TEENAGERS: 14, 15 years old, Ethnic diversity, boys & girls

1 Hero girl, 1 hero boy and friends.  Not model pretty but attractive.  VERY LIKABLE.  This group has a very fun vibe.

JAPANESE GIRLS: 14-15 years,  1 Hero plus 2 friends.

Attractive but not model pretty.  These girls are smart, but also fun with a good sense of humor.

This scene takes place in Japan, so our actors need to look Japanese.  Please only submit actors who are or look Japanese.

BUSINESS WOMAN, 28-35, all ethnicities except Asian.  Real attractive.

TEACHER – 20’s – 40’s, male or female,  real attractive.  Would prefer a real teacher, as we will have them actually teach a class of students a math lesson

STUDENTS:  10 – 11 years old,  boys & girls, all ethnicities.  Real attractive, Intelligent, inquisitive and fun.